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Double chocolate brownie - Gluten free

Enjoy our award winning gluten free double chocolate brownie warmed as pudding, in the kids lunch box, or cut into portions & pile high for an indulgent birthday cake.

Serves 12 -24 portions

Size 22cm square

Ingredients: Dark bittersweet Chocolate, sugar, butter, gluten free flour, eggs, cocoa powder.

74% Australian Ingredients
Price: AUD $49.00

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Sticky date & Walnut Loaf 400grams

Made with local walnuts, local free range eggs & imported dates.

How do I serve Sticky date loaf? Delicious spread with butter or served warm as pudding with caramel sauce & cream

Serves approx 6 portions

Bronze award Sydney Fine Foods 2012.

Ingredients: Dates, sugar, butter, wheat flour, eggs, walnuts & spices

77% Australian Ingredients
Price: AUD $10.00